The Desire Energies Booster Journal ​+ Daily Tracker

Easily Track Your Daily Mindset & Desire Energies w/ This Proven Tracker Template & Vibe Boosting Manifesting Practice

What You'll Get:

  • 7 Printable Journal Entry Templates to help you track your daily mindset and desire energies to determine whether you are positively or negatively manifesting.

  • A step-by-step walkthrough of my easy "scorecard" method for identifying which influences are most dramatically opposing your desired manifestation so you know where to focus for change.

  • My proven manifesting quick-fix boosters to rapidly get you back on track any time your thinking, emotions or experiences go sideways. 4 minutes is all it takes!

  • An A4 Printable Daily Desire Mojo Tracker Template for tracking your daily tasks, staying inspired, and elevating your vibration with the quick-fix boosters.

Jaime Mintun - Clairvoyant Energy Healer, Shaman & Creator of INTEGRAL MANIFESTING


"Sometimes it's THAT kind of day... When my thinking, mood or conversations around any desire start getting negative, this is how I mindfully get back on track without beating myself up or spinning in the negativity.


Download, print and USE this easy mindset & desire energies tracker template... it's fun and it works!"

Start Tracking & Boosting the Vibrational Anatomy of Your Desire Today!

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